Virtual Video Presentations 

In order to make virtual video presentation you need to submit your abstract through to submission choices.  After abstract submission sent an information e-mail to This information e-mail has to include followings: 


Paper Title:

Presentation Type:

Submission ID:

Name Surname:

SKYPE address (the mail address to be contacted).


Video recordings (.avi, .mp4, and .flv) of virtual presentations will be played at the related session, and presenters will be connected via Skype. Thus, the audiences will be able to ask their questions to the presenter of the virtual presentation. Time allocated for the virtual presentations is as 10 mins for video recordings and 5 mins for the discussion session. Virtual presentations ought to be submitted till two weeks before the conference for technical arrangements.

We recommend “Camtasia Studio” program for video recordings. You can watch sample video template prepared for video recordings and easily prepare your virtual presentations. You can use Camtasia Studio program free within 30 days. 

Please, click to download Camtasia Studio program from its official web-site. Click Here.